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 The Founding of the Aegis

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PostSubject: The Founding of the Aegis   Fri Jun 19, 2015 3:25 am

“The Northern Frontier is a dangerous place, where a single wasted breath can mean the difference between life and death”

TL;DR: The Aegis of the North is a big impenetrable city in the harsh North. It was founded by one small clan with badass shields.

This was so for the [name of the first aegis clan here] members. Four hunters whose families had formed a bond based on respect, camaraderie and above all, survival... On the day that the moon fell, the hunters watched the falling object split in two. With one piece falling further and further onto the horizon and the other falling right in front of them with a great crash. The object before them was a large piece of metal -the only of its kind known to exist- the clans would later name “Moonsteel”.

The hunters brought the large object back to the clan's artisans who worked the metal into four great shields that would be held by the four clan leaders. These shields, on top of being nearly indestructible, posses the ability to absorb magic and magic based attacks including the ancient Dragon magic.

As word of the clans hunting prowess spread and more and more families joined their community, the brothers found a place to permanently settle the now very large super clan. Between the “mountain back of the Northern Frontier and the Bay of the Great Sea the clan placed permanent roots. This land due to its impregnability and its numerous victories over would be usurpers would come to be called The Aegis of the North. Named after the city’s safety as well as the Great Shields wielded by its leaders and their descendants.

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The Founding of the Aegis
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