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 First Age: The Age of Magic

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PostSubject: First Age: The Age of Magic   Thu Jun 18, 2015 3:24 am

“The age of magic began with eyes turned skyward”

TL;DR: The first age is the known as the age where The Goddess fell from the heavens and magic brought to the world.

Years before the three continents would know their names, The world witnessed a piece of the moon fall from the sky. From it The Goddess emerged.
Her body was tall, slender and beautiful and her skin and eyes were as blue as the sky from which she fell. The First Elves witnessed her emerge from
her crater unscathed and saw this as a miracle.

The Goddess, a powerful magic user, would spend this age walking the planet, interacting with some of its people, gathering followers and teaching them
the secrets of unlocking their own magical potential. Thus The Goddess became "The First Arbiter of Magic" as all magic users to come would trace their
roots to The Goddess's teachings.

It was during this age that The Goddess's immortality became apparent many followers would be born, grow old and die in the presence of The Goddess
while she herself seemed not to age. It is during this time that she becomes more distant to individual lives and more focussed on some end-goal that her
mortal followers cannot begin to understand.

The end of this age was signalled with The Goddess founding the Moon City near her original landing site. In this city The Goddess began teaching her
subjects about what she calls “The Leaving”; an event where the strongest would abandon the world for the kingdom in the stars.

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First Age: The Age of Magic
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