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 The Flame of the Dragonkin

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PostSubject: The Flame of the Dragonkin   Mon Jun 22, 2015 8:19 pm

The Goddess’s campaign was long and brutal. During this time, a small clan had heard of the slaughter of nearby settlements. Fearing the same fate, the clan elders made the decision to flee.

This clan was not made up of moon elves and thus were not as magically adept as their cousins who had been touched by the Goddess. Their trek was long and they suffered many hardships and casualties. The clan eventually encountered a young dragon on their travels through the inhospitable mountains. Unable to defend itself, the dragon -who was probably the runt of a much larger brood- was defenseless and thus easy prey for the clan’s hungry hunters. In an act of unbridled compassion, the clan leader stopped the hunter and insist that the dragon be nursed back to health.

In time, the dragon became a trusted ally to the clan, growing large and wise and powerful far faster than anybody could have predicted from the runt dragonling that they had first encountered.

Some years passed and the clan’s leader had a child of his own. The child was weak and barely breathing. The dragon took one look at the child and was reminded of itself. Once weak and unable to fend for itself. Seeing itself in the child, the dragon extended the same kindness that was given to it in its infancy. The dragon bestowed unto the child the gift of fire. Instantly, the child let out a mighty breath of fire, and thus... The first of the dragonkind was born.

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The Flame of the Dragonkin
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