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 Culture of The Hunt

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PostSubject: Culture of The Hunt   Fri Jun 19, 2015 3:43 am

“In the North, strength is revered above all else”

TL;DR: Northeners respect you those can kill things. To gain respect, kill something big and then wear the thing you killed.

In and around The Aegis people wearing helms made from various animal heads are a common sight. The people of The Aegis judge one another’s worth by their ability to fend for themselves. This is best exemplified in the creation of Beast Armor. This is a full set of armour or simply just a helm, that was crafted using materials from the greatest beast one has slain. This armour usually crafted by hand, by the person who slew a great beast but can can be modified by a member of The Aegis’s many Artisan Clans. A popular rite of passage for the hunter clans of The Aegis is “The First Hunt” where once a child is of age, they are sent into the frontier with a small party where they must survive for a set period of time and return having slain their first beasts and crafted their first Beast Armor.

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Culture of The Hunt
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