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 Second Age: The Age of Conquest

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PostSubject: Second Age: The Age of Conquest   Fri Jun 19, 2015 4:02 am

“In the First Age, we came to love and cherish The Goddess’s embrace, In the Second Age we came to fear it”

TL;DR: The Goddess got a little power hungry and started conquering stuff those who didn’t share her vision either fled or died.

Some centuries after The Goddess had appeared and the age of magic had empowered many of the world’s races. The Goddess had been aiding the races of the world hone their magical abilities with the intent of preparing them for The Leaving.

The Moon Elves, descendents of the First elves whom the Goddess had taken has her acolytes, had magically altered their very essence, reshaping themselves in the Goddess’s image. They now had her blue skin and eyes and had become proficient in what the Goddess called “Pure Magic”. Their extended tenure with The Goddess, as well as the favour they had gained with her caused them to believe themselves to be the chosen, who would conquer the stars in the leaving.

The Goddess founded the Moon City and demand the surrounding Elf clans to pay tribute to the city to aid in its growth. Some clans were glad to make offerings to The Goddess while some refused outright, even going so far as to turn the magic they had learned from The Goddess herself, against her. The Goddess was mortified by this rebellion and used a small portion of her true power to unleash devastation.

The Goddess ceased all niceties and began a campaign of conquest that would come to define the age. Conquering more and more lands near the capitol Moon city, all the while, improving her technology and the magical abilities of her followers. Many clans fled The Moonlands, fearing annihilation, never to return...

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Second Age: The Age of Conquest
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